Happy 2020!!  We are grateful you are interested in learning more about what we do and how we can work together to reach the millions of Hispanics in the world through the FREE courses and materials we offer.  Our students never pay for anything they receive from us online or by correspondence.  

In 2019, there were over 45,000,000 bible studies downloaded through our websites!  Please consider joining us as we strive to increase the number of Spanish ministries in the world and to hit our goal of 50,000,000 downloads this year. 

Spanish Missions is (1) equipping Christians to spread the Word and (2) reaching seekers of the truth via internet.

Our primary task is training preachers, Bible teachers and “personal” evangelists in the Spanish speaking world. This ministry is well known among Hispanic churches of Christ in 22 nations as “Bible Courses for Christian Workers” (“Cursos Bíblicos Para Obreros Cristianos”). As the title indicates, these courses are for training Christians who want to know how to work for the Lord, specifically to better teach God’s Word.

These courses are not your normal Bible correspondence courses that are designed to simply convert non Christians or give new Christians a basic understanding of first principles. They are a preacher training school carried on by long distance (distance learning): by a combination of regular mail, e-mail and internet websites.

Those who receive the training courses (1) are already involved in pulpit preaching, personal evangelism, or Bible class teaching, or (2) they desire to begin serving in one of those capacities. All of them must use the material they study to teach others. They may use it to prepare public sermons or Bible classes or they may use it to teach individuals, but they must begin teaching others right away. As a result, a good number of people don’t make it past the first major course. That is fine with us because our goal is not to have a certain number of students, but to help train those Christians in every Spanish speaking church in the world who truly want to teach others.

Some of our students come to us with a very specific goal. For example, some just want to be able to teach the gospel more effectively to people in their community on a personal basis. Once they study the material on personal evangelism and denominational doctrines, they have what they “came to school” to get and they go no further in the curriculum. Some are ladies who teach a ladies class and want material appropriate for that setting. Many are responsible for preaching each week in a local church and want all the material they can get to help carry out that responsibility. A number of others also want to be able to train others to preach and teach. As a result they have an interest in even more in depth studies.

So, when you see a total “by mail” enrollment of 1250 or a mention of 50 or 75 students in a given country, these are Christians who are receiving Bible training and who are teaching others in some capacity.   1 student may represent literally hundreds or thousands who are reached through his ministry.

Spanish Missions operates under the oversight of the elders of the Jackson Street Church of Christ. We are grateful you are interested in learning more about what we do and how we can work together to